Selling Your Life Insurance: A Seniors Guide

LIS APril When we get to a certain age, many times our life insurance policy is no longer needed or wanted. When this is the case, it may be time to opt for a life settlement which is the selling of your life insurance policy. Selling your life insurance policy through a life settlement broker is a great way to make use of a policy that you have paid into for so long.

Life settlement companies purchase your life insurance policy for more than its face value, supplying you with funds that will allow you to enjoy your retirement. The policy purchaser will work to find you the best deal for your policy and will take all payments after purchase, leaving you with a lump sum.

Some of the top reasons why you may want to sell your policy are:

  • You no longer want your policy
  • You no longer need your policy
  • You can no longer afford your policy

When children move away and you no longer require the same financial security for them as you once did, you may want to consider selling off your policy to a purchaser. A life settlement is a great way to supplement your income after retirement and can assist you with the pricey cost of living in a retirement home. As we get older, our medical expenses tend to get higher, costing us more money. Selling your settlement will assist you with all sorts of expenses related to retirement and old age.


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